Experienced EIFS Installation Contractors

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) is becoming the most popular method of insulating and finishing commercial buildings. It allows for an incredible amount of design flexibility and is one of the best-performing building materials currently available.

Cooper Plastering has extensive experience with exterior insulation and finish system construction so we are able to provide the solutions your project might need.

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EIFS Installation Services

EIFS Installation
A variety of EIFS designs and installation services for large structures.

EIFS with Drainage Installation
Installation of EIFS with maximized drainage potential.

Thin Stone & Brick
Finishing, including plastering, stucco, thin stone & thin brick.

EIFS Repairs
Full-service replacement and repair of EIFS panels.

Mixed Materials
Mixed materials finishing to get the look you want for your building.

Our Service Area

Our offices are located in Tyler, TX, and we’re insured and licensed in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Our operations area includes Central & East Texas, Southern Oklahoma, Southern Arkansas, and Northern Louisiana.

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Cooper Plastering is one of the most experienced EIFS contractors in Texas. Our experience ensures that, no matter what your design, we’ll be able to provide the option you need.

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